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Diagnosis of hepatocellular adenoma in men before onset of diabetes in HNF1A-MODY: Watch out for winkers

M.P.D. Haring, T.M. Vriesendorp, J.S. Klein Wassink-Ruiter, R.J. de Haas, A.S.H. Gouw, V.E. de Meijer

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Impact of open and minimally invasive resection of symptomatic solid benign liver tumours on symptoms and quality of life: a systematic review

B.V. van Rosmalen, J.J. de Graaf, M.J. van der Poel, I.E. de Man, M. Besselink, M. Abu Hilal, O.R. Busch, J. Verheij, T.M. van Gulik

HPB, 2019;21(9):1119-1130


Development and Validation of a Model to Predict Regression of Large Size Hepatocellular Adenoma

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Safety and efficacy of transarterial embolization of hepatocellular adenomas

B.V. van Rosmalen*, A. J. Klompenhouwer*, J. Jaap de Graeff,  M. P. D. Haring,  V. E. de Meijer,  L. Rifai, S. Dokmak,  A. Rawashdeh,  M. Abu Hilal,  M. C. de Jong,  C. H. C. Dejong,  M. Doukas,  R. A. de Man,  J. N. M. IJzermans,  O. M. van Delden,  J. Verheij,  T. M. van Gulik

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Transarterial (Chemo-)Embolization and Lipiodolization for Hepatic Haemangioma

A. Furumaya, B.V. van Rosmalen, R.B. Takkenberg, O.M. van Delden, C.H.C. Dejong, J. Verheij, T.M. van Gulik

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The effect of oral contraceptive pill cessation on hepatocellular adenoma diameter: A retrospective cohort study.

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A multicentre retrospective analysis on growth of residual hepatocellular adenoma after resection

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Systematic review on percutaneous aspiration and sclerotherapy versus surgery in symptomatic simple hepatic cysts

A. Furumaya, B.V. van Rosmalen, J.J de Graeff, M.P.D. Haring, V.E. de Meijer, T.M. van Gulik, J. Verheij, M.G. Besselink, O.M. van Delden, J.I. Erdmann

HPB 2020; 20(ePub):S1365-182X; ahead of print

Hepatocellular adenoma in men: A nationwide assessment of pathology and correlation with clinical course

B.V. van Rosmalen, A. Furumaya, A.J. Klompenhouwer, M.E. Tushuizen, A.E. Braat, R.J. Reinten, M.A.P. Ligthart, M.P.D. Haring, V.E. de Meijer, T. van Voorthuizen, R.B. Takkenberg, C.H.C. Dejong, R.A. de Man, J.N.M. IJzermans, M. Doukas, T.M. van Gulik, J.Verheij

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